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Lightcatchers Crystals

I was born on the year of the Ox.  This year - which is the year of Snake - is actually a lucky one for Oxen like me.  These animals of the Chinese Astrology have an affinity with each other - which is why I'm actually looking forward to the many blessings that this year may have for me.

Although the stars may actually say that it is a good year for me - I know that a big part of what I may receive for the year also has something to do with my overall disposition.  I need to think positive thoughts - and I need to have really good feelings for me to receive the good fortune.  I've used crystals for the past couple of years to ensure that this happens.  

While I was on Session road last week during the Session Road in Bloom celebration,  I chanced upon the booth of Lightcatchers Crystals.   I spoke with Chiara, her brother and her mom.  I knew that I was actually going to get treasures from them because I was feeling a very strong positive energy coming from their booth.  We spoke of the previous crystals that I already have - for example rose quartz, aventurine, my dzi beads, aquamarine.  I found out that what I had were actually good crystals - but there are actually other crystals that may actually bring more focus on those intentions that I have programmed on those crystals.  For example - I have aquamarine for safe travels.  I learned that aquamarine is for safe travels over a body of water.  If you want an all around safe travel crystal - you may want to get the topaz.  Rose Quartz - is another one that I have to improve the romantic aspect of my life.  I learned that Rose Quartz is good in enhancing self love which is actually a prerequisite to actual romance --- but if I want to attract other people - Garnet and Topaz are the crystals that I may want to have.

Anyways - we had a very long conversation - so I may not be able to tell you all about it.  But I do want to share with you some of the things that I now have from LightCatchers Crystals.

Amonite/Amolite - Is actually a fossilized shell.  Fossilized shells are symbols of prosperity and Good Luck.  If you are looking for promotion - this might be stone for you.  Word of warning - promotions do come with additional responsibilities - so you might be careful about wishing for that. 

This is Garnet - I already said in the beginning of this post that Garnet inspires romantic love.  It is also a stone that can give you protection against theft/mugging. 

So as not to lose the small garnet stone that I got - I had it placed inside this mesh pouch.

This is topaz.  It's blue like aquamarine.  This I got for safe voyage.

Lastly - I got this Tourmalinated Quartz.  It combines the qualities of Tourmaline - which is good for protecting against negativities - thus protecting you from it - and Quartz - amplifies energies focused through it.  So this is a good protection stone - to help me against any negativities that people may have been throwing my way.

NOTE:  Some of the things I wrote in this blog post was lifted from the flier that LightCatchers Crystals gave me when I got these stones. 

If you want to know more about Ligthcatchers Cyrstals - visit their Facebook page at

Lightcatchers Crystals

29 Sari-Sari Section Baguio City Market
2:30 pm to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday

2nd Floor, Abanao Square Mall
9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Daily

Mobile: +639277878899

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