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Trying a New Sport

I was never athletic.  I was a klutz growing up.  I wore thick eyeglasses.  I was never good at sports.  I don't know how to play basketball.  I tried volleyball but was never good at it.  I also tried chess - but I didn't have the patience to sit through the game.

In my current job - there are times that I am called to join visitors and my other colleagues in a game of golf.  I like the scenery that goes with the sport.  I know that it will also give me a good excuse to wear goofy golf clothes ( plaid pants ).  So I'm trying real hard to learn the sport.

The good news is that I live in a city where playing golf can be really pleasant.  Cool climate all year round.

I'll give you updates on my progress in future posts.  For now - wish me luck!

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