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Prime Rose Kitchen Oriental Salad Dressing

I'm on a raw food diet.  Actually - it's an almost all raw food diet.  I have restricted myself to eating cooked food for breakfast.  All other meals - I can only eat fruits, vegetables ( maybe fish ) that are uncooked.   So to give variety to my meals - I look for different types of dressing for my salads.  Strictly speaking - I should just be eating with oil and vinegar dressing.  I'm sorry - I'm human - I cannot eat salads with plain oil and vinegar everyday.  Every now and then - I can eat it - but not everyday.

The good news is that I am able to find different dressing in Baguio.  Last weekend - I was able to find a delicious - and attractively priced product while I was walking along Session Road.   The name of the salad dressing is Prime Rose Kitchen Oriental dressing.   This is the same dressing that you typically find in Japanese restaurants.  I bought a small bottle ( for 50 Pesos ) - so I can try it first.  After finishing the bottle - I had to buy more - because this dressing is delicious.

I also bought Chili Garlic Oil from the same vendor.  I have yet to try it but I opened the bottle and it smells Oh so good.

To know more about this product - please contact them through these numbers.  If you're in the Baguio area - you can get the dressing and their other products at the Monterey Meat Shop on Caltex near Victory Liner.

Prime Rose Kitchen
Km. 4 La Trinidad, Benguet
+63 917 5508182
+63 939 914 5200
+63 74 423 0600

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