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Bright Sun-Shiny Day

The Philippines summer is about to end.  Our seasons in this part of the world is not exactly the same as the seasons in other countries in the Northern hemisphere.  Our summers start and end earlier (March to May).  It is then followed by the monsoon season (June to November).  Then we go to the cool dry season of December, January and February.   You will notice that almost half of the year, we experience rainy season - which is good for the forests but not really good when you are trying to plan your outfit.  So one might say that it's best to stick to dark colors so as not to easily spot the mud speckles that are associated with walking in the rain.

Since today is the last day of May - I decided to end it with a bang and I wore my brightly colored skinny pants and matched it with brightly colored shirt.  The pants are from Bench - they really did a good job of coming up with ready to wear jeans that fit me well.  The shirt is from Collezione.  

Next month - I will have to start wearing my raincoat.  Hmmm maybe I should get a bright red raincoat.  What do you think?

Wolf Cuff Links


I love wearing French Cuffed shirts; not only because they are stylish but mainly because they allow me to wear one of the few accessories that a man can wear: cuff links.   I gave away most of the French cuffed shirts in the last 10 lbs that I gained,  I kept a couple of them -  even these two that I kept need to be retired soon.   i must  hold on to them (till I find replacements) so I can wear my new cuff link acquisitions. I bought three pairs on my last trip to Malaysia.

One pair has the form of a Mastiff.  One is in the form of a Dalmatian,  The last pair - which I wore today is in the form of a wolf.  I must say that I picked it out because It reminded me of the dire wolves of House Stark in the Game of Thrones.

Oh - you can see that in this picture three of my bracelets are peeping out of the sleeves of my shirt.  The blue one is made of blue lace agate which helps in developing skills of tact when communicating.  The green one is made of aventurine: the crystal for good luck in games of chance and also aids people in positions of leadership.  Lastly, the yellow faceted gems are actually yellow sapphire which can lead the wearer to prosperity.

What accessories were you wearing today?   Did they make you feel beautiful the same way these cuff links made me think that I'm a Casanova?

The Big Four Oh

They say life begins at 40.  They also say that 40 is the new 30.  So does this mean that I have to wait till I'm 50 for my life to begin?  To be honest - I don't really understand how one can wait till they're four decades old to live a life.  On my part - I know I have lived a good life.  Which is why forty or not - I intend to continue to enjoy.   What's that French word again? Ah Joie de Vivre!

Have I shared with y'all that I lost a lot of weight?  I have lost over 10 lbs which translated to four inches reduction around my waist and i dropped one full clothes size.  This has lead to buying skinny pants.  The pair I'm wearing in my pic is bright blue.  I got it from Bench.  The top is from C2 (Colezione) which got a lot of compliments from the office,  

Can I just say that apart from being 40 - I'm actually happier that I'm just two inches away from having my waistline back when I was in my 20s?   I will write about my secret to the weight loss on another post.

For now dear readers - just celebrate with me as I look forward to the next 40 years of my life.

Incredible Hulk Tee

Growing up,  the Incredible Hulk was not my favorite super hero.  In fact I remember being scared of the hulk.  When my parents watch the hulk TV show - I will go straight to bed because the hulk used to give me nightmares.  

As an adult - I ended up skipping the hulk movies even the one where Ed Norton played Dr. Banner.  

Thing is,  when I watched the Avengers - I actually enjoyed the character.  I especially like the scene where he said "Puny God".

This picture features my hulk T-shirt from Folded and Hung.  Its size is Extra Large.  Looking at this pic ... I notice that it is a bit too big for me now.  I'm really happy that I've lost so much weight in the past months.  Thanks to the Gorilla workout and thanks to eating salad for lunch and dinner,

The shorts are from Maldita.  Maldita is starting to be one of my favorite stores.  They have awesome clothes for their men's line,  

Pink Rose

Raise your hand if you love roses - especially pink ones.