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Incredible Hulk Tee

Growing up,  the Incredible Hulk was not my favorite super hero.  In fact I remember being scared of the hulk.  When my parents watch the hulk TV show - I will go straight to bed because the hulk used to give me nightmares.  

As an adult - I ended up skipping the hulk movies even the one where Ed Norton played Dr. Banner.  

Thing is,  when I watched the Avengers - I actually enjoyed the character.  I especially like the scene where he said "Puny God".

This picture features my hulk T-shirt from Folded and Hung.  Its size is Extra Large.  Looking at this pic ... I notice that it is a bit too big for me now.  I'm really happy that I've lost so much weight in the past months.  Thanks to the Gorilla workout and thanks to eating salad for lunch and dinner,

The shorts are from Maldita.  Maldita is starting to be one of my favorite stores.  They have awesome clothes for their men's line,  

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