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The Big Four Oh

They say life begins at 40.  They also say that 40 is the new 30.  So does this mean that I have to wait till I'm 50 for my life to begin?  To be honest - I don't really understand how one can wait till they're four decades old to live a life.  On my part - I know I have lived a good life.  Which is why forty or not - I intend to continue to enjoy.   What's that French word again? Ah Joie de Vivre!

Have I shared with y'all that I lost a lot of weight?  I have lost over 10 lbs which translated to four inches reduction around my waist and i dropped one full clothes size.  This has lead to buying skinny pants.  The pair I'm wearing in my pic is bright blue.  I got it from Bench.  The top is from C2 (Colezione) which got a lot of compliments from the office,  

Can I just say that apart from being 40 - I'm actually happier that I'm just two inches away from having my waistline back when I was in my 20s?   I will write about my secret to the weight loss on another post.

For now dear readers - just celebrate with me as I look forward to the next 40 years of my life.