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Wolf Cuff Links


I love wearing French Cuffed shirts; not only because they are stylish but mainly because they allow me to wear one of the few accessories that a man can wear: cuff links.   I gave away most of the French cuffed shirts in the last 10 lbs that I gained,  I kept a couple of them -  even these two that I kept need to be retired soon.   i must  hold on to them (till I find replacements) so I can wear my new cuff link acquisitions. I bought three pairs on my last trip to Malaysia.

One pair has the form of a Mastiff.  One is in the form of a Dalmatian,  The last pair - which I wore today is in the form of a wolf.  I must say that I picked it out because It reminded me of the dire wolves of House Stark in the Game of Thrones.

Oh - you can see that in this picture three of my bracelets are peeping out of the sleeves of my shirt.  The blue one is made of blue lace agate which helps in developing skills of tact when communicating.  The green one is made of aventurine: the crystal for good luck in games of chance and also aids people in positions of leadership.  Lastly, the yellow faceted gems are actually yellow sapphire which can lead the wearer to prosperity.

What accessories were you wearing today?   Did they make you feel beautiful the same way these cuff links made me think that I'm a Casanova?

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