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Time for White Party

We join our brothers and sisters in the US - today - as they celebrate Gay Pride.  In the Philippines - Gay Pride is in December - but that doesn't stop us from partying in June. Traditionally - we wear all white - which as you all know is the presence of all colors which is our way of saying we welcome everyone in our community.

Today - I'm in Baguio so I can't physically be there but I still wore white.  Happy Pride everyone,

My Doggie Cuff Links

Great is the day when I find products that combine two of my favorite things in the world.  I love dogs and I love cuff links, so spotting these doggie cuff links in a store in the KLIA was a real treat.

Scottie Cuff Link

Neapolitan Mastiff Cuff Link

Wolf Cuff Link

Bulldog Cuff Link

I asked the store owner to give me a heads up when they have a beagle, shar peri or a german shorthaired pointer design.   If they can have all three - even better.

Taking pictures of these tiny pieces had been very difficult in the past.  Thanks to my macro Olioclip lens for the iPhone 5,  I was able to magnify the pieces for your viewing pleasure.

Button Down Shirt

On a casual dinner for Saturday evenings,  I grab my white button down shirt,  fold the sleeves 3/4 of the way up my arm and pair it with any of my jeans.  It works all the time.  I'm comfortable and I feel good about how I look and I end up strutting down the street while wearing it.

The jeans are newly bought from Bench.  They're a very light shade of military green.  I really had been looking for new pants because my old ones just drop off my waist because they have become too big for me.

You may have seen these shoes in previous posts.  They are my high cut sneakers from Pedro.

A regular part of my outfit are these bracelets from Lightcatchers and Crystals.  Here you will see my Aventurine  bracelet.  The aventurine bracelets are what I wear when I want to draw luck towards me. 

Some readers have asked me what wood was used for this wall.  It's pine wood.  This house was built before the restrictions on use of pine wood for buildings have been in place.

I'm really happy that I can now sit and wear this shirt and none of the buttons will pop out.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  And may you all have a fruitful and blessed week ahead.

Pink Pants

T-shirt from Folded & Hung, Pants from Bench,  Shoes from Converse

I wonder how the pink is for girls and blue is for boys concept started.  I know that as babies - we are already conditioned to think this way - but did our grandparents start it?  Do the ancient civilizations have the same concept?  Do male pharaohs wear blue and female pharaohs wear pink?

I think sticking to this rule is too restricting.  I like blue - but I occasionally like wearing pink shirts.  Today - I'm experimenting a little bit.  How do pink pants look on me?  Do I really care?