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Are you familiar with this insect?  In Filipino it's called Higad.  It is a caterpillar - but I don't think it turns into a butterfly - I think it turns into a big moth.  This one is fat and huge.

I found this little creature in our garden the other day.  This species of caterpillar secretes a substance that can be really itchy.  Back in College - during the summer - there is Higad infestation in the quadrangle and more than once - a classmate will fall victim to its itchiness.  The victim goes to the clinic to be given Calamine Lotion ( popular brand is Caladryl ).

I took this picture using my Sony Nex-5 and attaching the magnifying lens to it.  I was thinking of using the macro OlioClip lens - but the latter requires you to be really close to get a good shot of the subject - that's something I was not willing to do.

After having the picture taken - I asked the Nanny to relocate the creature to a safer place - safe for it and safe for my dogs.

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