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Hongta Hotel

During my stay in Shanghai,  I was booked at the Hongta Hotel in Pudong.  I like the hotel.  The room was big, the staff were very helpful,  and the food from the room service tasted great.

I like the placement of the bed.  In other hotels that I stay in - I find it problematic that the bed faces a mirror.  In the Hongta room - the mirrors face away from the bed.   In Feng Shui - it is generally accepted that reflective surfaces must not be placed within the bedroom.  One - because it reflects back the negative energy that we dispel while we're sleeping and Two - since mirrors can be portals to parallel worlds - and while we're asleep - we don't want unwanted beings to cross over into our bedroom.

I never got to watch the TV while I was in Shanghai.  I love the fact that it was turned off all the time that I was there. I never liked other hotels where they have the TV on - playing the hotel's ad on it.  

Look at that tub!  And look - the tub is separate from the shower area!

Who is Daniel?

When I was reading - I'd sit on this futon.  Very comfortable.

This is my view from my room.

Across the street from the hotel - you will find this fitness/sports complex.   

The Hongta Hotel used to be the St. Regis.  It's part of the Starwood Chain of hotels.  I would recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the Shanghai/Pudong area.

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