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Jacket Gripper

I am preparing for my trip to the US.  For my regular readers - you would have known by now that I do plenty of business traveling.  When I travel - the most problematic for me is the check-in process.  In most airports - you will have to go through at least 2 security checks.  Most of these security checks require you to remove your jacket.  I just feel that between my carry on bag, my laptop bag and my jacket - I actually need three hands.   Too much hassle.

This is why I love this new product that I found at the Traveler's club.  It's called a Jacket Gripper.  The design is simple - it's a strap that you can wrap around your jacket --- then you can attach it to your bag.   It's a wonderful design that I find really useful.  Here in Baguio - I actually bring a jacket everyday - since it can get chilly inside my office.   But if it's sunny outside --- it can be too hot to wear the jacket.   So this week - I strapped the jacket to my laptop bag when I was heading to work.   I wore the jacket when I was in the office - then strapped the jacket once again - when I was going home.

The product comes in many colors.  I bought mine for 800 pesos ( approximately 20 USD ).

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