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My Latest Tea Purchase

When I travel - I buy tea.  I actually have so much tea in the cupboard now that I told myself that I will no longer buy tea on my next trip to the US later this month.

I want to share the three flavors that I got from my trip to Malaysia and China.

This tea I got from the duty free shop at the Shanghai Pudong airport.  It's creamy-honey-Oolong.  It's delicious.  I actually put milk in it during my cheat days ( I stay away from dairy most days because dairy can really make me fat ).  The container does not have any English translation - so you just need to take my word for the description of the tea.

Tha Annvita Tea Salon is found in the IFC Mall in Pudong.  This is Creamy Berry Black Tea.  I like fruity teas.  Which is why I was drawn to this flavor.  This tin is actually very nice-looking --- which is one of the reasons I got it.

During my last trip to Kuala Lumpur - I stayed at the Marriott on Bukit Bintang.  Bukit in Malaysian means Hill.   Bintang means Star.  This explains the name of this Tea Salon.  Yup - it's called Starhill tea Salon.  From this shop - I got Ginger Lemon.  This - I thought would be a bit medicinal.  With the monsoon season upon us in Baguio - the weather can be very unpredictable and during those days when I have someone in our household suffering from a cold or cough --- this can be a soothing remedy.

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