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Bulakenas Kakanin

The next time you're in Baguio and you're looking for pasalubong for your family and friends back home - I recommend checking out the Bulakenas Kakanin stalls in SM ( or Abanao square and other locations in the City of Pines ).  Don't be confused.  I did say look for Bulakenas Kakanin in Baguio.  Apparently - the owner is from the province of Bulacan - but these stalls have its roots in Baguio.

On weekends - when I go to SM City Baguio - I always pick up a box of 12.  I think they also come in boxes containing 18 pieces.  You can choose whatever kakanin you like.  They have Maja Blanca, Bico/Bibingkang Kanin, Sapin Sapin, Cassava cake and others.

My favorite is Maja Blanca and their two variants of Cassava cake.   The box of 12 is sold for 120 pesos.

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  1. mukhang masarap! pero nalerky ako sa "to god be the glory"