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Incense Holder

We're in the middle of the ghost month.  Feng Shui experts advise that you light up incense before 6:00 PM daily to clear up your abode of any negative energy coming form the roaming hungry ghosts.  My old incense holder - made of china - was dropped by one of our household companions.  That's a shame because that was a cheap but effective incense holder.  I tried to replace it with something similar - but the store I got it from ran out of stock.  I looked for something around that price point ( 300 pesos ) - but I can't find any in Baguio nor in Manila.

While walking around Porta Vaga mall in Baguio - I spotted the Feng Shui shop on the second level - and asked if they have any incense holder.  They gave me this one - and I like it - and I like the price ( 900 pesos ).

It is now sitting inside my bedroom and I light up incense daily - as advised by the Feng Shui masters.

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