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Bag from the Vintage Shops in Baguio

Baguio is known for its Vintage shops.  I call it vintage shops but the truth is it's more like salvation army shops.  In the local language its called Ukay Ukay or Wagwagan.  If you are patient you can find great bargains in these shops.

Today - I found a bag that I can use for the office.  It looks like its leather but its priced at 300 pesos.  So I wasn't sure if it was real.  I brought it to the leather goods shop at Abanao square to ask them and they confirmed that its made of real leather.   I am not familiar with the brand - and to be honest I didn't care if its an unknown brand.  I just thought it looked great and I don't think you can go wrong with a bag priced that low ( around 8 USD ).

I googled the brand: Quentin Tanner.  I could not find any results for that brand. 

I plan to use it as my office bag.  My computer fits perfectly.  Like most leather bags - it is heavy - but I think you know by now that I believe in the saying - that one needs to make a little bit of sacrifice to look good.

My New Leather Bag
I got this bag for 300 pesos

Tried researching the brand but I can't find any info in the net.

Brand is Tanner Quentin

Comparative size with my Satchel

Can I Rock this Look?

A friend was looking for Rock T-shirts.  I remember seeing one at the Porta Vaga mall on Session Road.  The name of the store is "Gayak".  I can think of three English words it can be translated to - outfit,  event,  or leave.   It's a colorful shop that I'm sure rock fans will find interesting.  I'm not a fan of the genre.  Rock and Roll - I like and I did listen to some heavy metal and punk rock when I was young.   Anyways - I thought that this shirt with Iron Maiden printed on it looked cool - so I bought it.   It's price tag is very reasonable ( 450 pesos ).

Gayak is on the 3rd level of Porta Vaga mall.     

Queen's Guard Tee from Penshoppe

Found the cutest shirt from Penshoppe on my last shopping trip to Manila.  I thought it would be an appropriate T-shirt for the house of queens.   My friends and I love it.  The only thing that makes it a bit off is that the hat looks like Marge Simpson's hair.   

I also got new "geek" glasses from Charlie's at the Robinson's Galleria.  They're non-prescription lenses - so I plan to wear them just to frame my face :).