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Answers to the Scenes from Baguio Quiz

Were you able to guess where the pictures from the previous post were taken?

Most people are familiar with the Burnham park and the Athletic bowl.  Not too many will recognize the Melvin Jones Grandstand.

You may have seen the Cemetery of Negativism and the Pet Cemetery.  There is actually a third cemetery which I am not familiar with.  I can't figure out what its name is.   All 3 cemeteries I mentioned are found at Camp John Hay.

The lawn is familiar - but the popular house is covered by this nativity scene.  This is the Mansion's lawn.  They've decorated it with this nativity scene and Santa Clause hanging from a tree nearby.

Scenes from Baguio

Let's play a game.  I have three pictures on this blog post.  Can you tell me where these pictures were taken?  I will give the answers in tomorrow's post.

Boots from Reeds "Barn" Bootery

I am not afraid of color.  Especially color on my shoes.  That's why I had orange, green and red loafers.   I also have blue green brogues.  Recently - I got this bright metallic blue driving shoes that everyone loves.  I've added a new pair to my collection.  This time - I went to the Reeds "Barn" Bootery at Abanao square for a new pair of light blue boots.

I discovered the shop during one of the visits from the Queens of Manila.   They had knee high boots that the shop custom made for them.  I didn't need knee high boots - I only needed calf high boots.

I was initially wondering if I will ever be able to wear sensible clothes with these boots.  It turns out - I can wear them with my gray pants and khakis.   Oh - I even had a matching belt made.

If you want to get in touch with the Reeds store - go to their website:

My Bally Bag

Going through the Ukay-Ukay ( 2nd hand thrift stores ) in Baguio can be fun.  If you are patient, lucky, or both,  you can find great items.  A month ago,  I was able to buy a Bally bag from one of the stores.  I will venture out to proclaim that it's authentic.  The hardware, the craftsmanship and the tag inside the bag says it's authentic.   I bought the bag for 3,000 pesos.

The bag has two compartments.  To be honest - at first look - it looks like a camera bag.

When I use the bag - one compartment - I use for my laptop.

The other compartment holds my miscellaneous items ( umbrella, sunglasses etc. ).

The bag is great - one thing that shows its age are these leather squares which were already detaching from the strap when I bought it.  I had to get it repaired.

Have you ever visited the Ukay-Ukay stores in Baguio?   What's your best find in the stores?

Pink Shorts from Greenhills

When I'm in Manila - I end up shopping too much.  But looking at these pink pair of shorts - how can you not buy them?   Yes - I have too many shorts now - but I think my closet has some space left for one more ( actually two pairs because I got it in Aqua ).  

BTW - I really don't know how to negotiate with the Greenhills ladies.   I got these for 350 pesos - which for me is a fair price.  But my friends say I paid too much.