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Boots from Reeds "Barn" Bootery

I am not afraid of color.  Especially color on my shoes.  That's why I had orange, green and red loafers.   I also have blue green brogues.  Recently - I got this bright metallic blue driving shoes that everyone loves.  I've added a new pair to my collection.  This time - I went to the Reeds "Barn" Bootery at Abanao square for a new pair of light blue boots.

I discovered the shop during one of the visits from the Queens of Manila.   They had knee high boots that the shop custom made for them.  I didn't need knee high boots - I only needed calf high boots.

I was initially wondering if I will ever be able to wear sensible clothes with these boots.  It turns out - I can wear them with my gray pants and khakis.   Oh - I even had a matching belt made.

If you want to get in touch with the Reeds store - go to their website:

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