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Baguio Christmas Decorations

While walking along the streets of Baguio - you will find interesting Christmas decorations.  These are two of my favorites.  They can be found along Leonard Wood Road ( that's near Teacher's Camp ).

One of the houses have this on their front yard.  It's a nice Holy Family scene.  In Filipino - we call it Belen.  

During the day - it's already pretty - but at night - it's even better with a Star lit up making the scene complete.  One thing to note - I think St. Joseph should have been placed on the left because in this position it seems like he's turning away from St. Mary and baby Jesus.

Another display that I like is from the Mountain Lodge.  They seem to have great displays every year.  Note - twinkling lights were added by Google when I uploaded the photo - they created a GIF version of the photo.  How awesome is that?

This year - they have a Choir setup in front of their hotel.  The whole hotel is also lit up.

Don't you think the Angel Choir look pretty?

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