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Saint Louis University Lantern Parade 2013

The most festive time of the year in the Philippines is Christmas.  Here in Baguio,  the season actually opens up with the traditional Lantern Parade organized by the Saint Louis University.  It is held on December 1 and coincides with the lighting of the Christmas tree on Session Road.  The parade starts at 7:00 PM.  For the past two years,  I've stationed myself on Upper Session road to take photos of the event.

I try to be early to take photos of the participants during daylight.  Some of their attire are very colorful - and you can't really see them when it gets dark.

The Senor Sto. Nino seems to be making an appearance this year. 

Session Road is a winding road --- which makes it ideal for capturing the trail of lanterns.

Some lanterns have a repeat performance.  I've seen these flowers ( tulips? ) from last year's parade.  I can't blame them for reusing it -- they look pretty.

This one is new.  Fish-shaped lanterns.

The Jellyfish lanterns are also great to see.

The students seem to take great pride in representing their groups in this parade.

I wasn't able to see the S formation this year --- I think I was further down the road last year.  I can only capture a C formation.

Remember my 2nd photo at the earlier part of this post?  Here are the lanterns lit up resting on top of the students' heads.

The parade ends on Melvin Jones Grandstand.  I think - I'll try to go there next year - to see how the parade looks like from that point of view.

Look - some dogs take part in the parade.  Maybe I should take Midori, Char Siew and Brita next year.

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