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My Flash Jacket

Orange.  I love orange.  I love the bright color and I know that it does wonders to my complexion when I wear it.  This is why among all of the jackets in the DC Comics shop - I chose to buy the Flash' jacket.

This year - because of the arctic vortex - we are experiencing colder than usual temperature here in Baguio.  Our low last night was 9 deg. C.  In my house - according to the thermometer it was 11 deg. C.  Typically our low is 14 deg.  So - we really feel the difference.  I've even worn a sweater in bed - and I had to double my blanket.

So this jacket is perfect for this weather.  It's really warm.  It's thicker than my other jackets.

BTW - let me just tell you that I'm not a big fan of the Flash.  I don't hate him --- but I don't really know much about him.  All I know is that he's part of the Justice League --- but other than that --- I never read any of his comic books.  I remember there was a short lived TV show in the past - but I didn't watch it.

Speaking of flash --- I ask you my dear readers,  if you had super power speed - what will you do with it?   Me?  I'll most probably use it to see the world.   Imagine getting to different places without boarding an airplane or a ship or a train or a car.  The first country I will visit?  I think it will be Greece.   I want to see the city of Athens.

I still have one more post on the goodies I got from the DC Comics shop from the Pavilion mall in KL --- I'm saving the best for last.

Brita at Camp John Hay

Brita the German Shorthaired Pointer is a rare breed in this part of the world.  This is why people sometimes get confused when they see her.  They are wondering if she's a mix of lab and dalmatian.  Or maybe - she's a mini greyhound.  Whatever they think of her breed - everyone thinks she's a beautiful dog.

Last Christmas - since I had long breaks from work - I was able to take the dogs to outings around Baguio.  Brita and I typically go to the Teacher's Camp - but I thought I'd give her a treat and take her to the Starbucks at Camp John Hay.  She was very excited - but I realized that she has a little bit of separation anxiety.  I left her for a bit at the shed near the store - as I grabbed my drink and she kept barking.  Being a hound - she can be loud.

Brita is the biggest of my dogs.   It's not easy to control her - especially since she has not been through the same training as Midori and Char Siew.  She likes jumping on me - and admittedly - I like it when she does that - but not when I am in my work clothes and she has dirty paws from being outside the garden.


I like this next photo - it shows you how big she is.  When she wants to lick my face she will use my chest or my arms as leverage so she can jump up and reach it.  It's an adorable gesture - but others who see it think that she's going to attack me.

Here's her photo at the shed.  It's where some of the Starbucks folks take a break - and when I left Brita with him - I just reminded him not to touch her.  It seems like they're ok ignoring each other.

Superman T-Shirt

I am a fan of Super Heroes comic books.  During my last trip to KL - I watched a full length feature on the Justice League.  I enjoyed it extremely - and kept me occupied during the flight.  Coming back to the Philippines - I discovered a new show called Tomorrow People - which revolves around a new Species of people with super powers.   In my head - I do want to be a super hero.  I wanted it when I was a kid - and as an adult - it is one of my fantasies.

So - I think you can figure out why I like buying Super Hero T-Shirts.  They make me feel like a hero - even if I'm a regular Joe.

This T-shirt was one of the things I was able to buy from the DC Comics store in KL's Pavilion mall. I also bought a Green Lantern and Batman T-shirt.  

Superman is not my favorite super hero.  I actually prefer Batman over him.  In my mind - he's too perfect.  He seems to always just take the good side - no grays - just black and white.  I watched a movie where he died - and Lex Luthor was able to get super powers.  It explained why Superman is as virtuous as he is.  Apparently - because of his abilities - he sees the universe as one interconnected thread.  All of us are interconnected - so he had to try to save everyone - all the time.

One of the things that I never understood is why Clark Kent only has to put on eye glasses and nobody recognizes him as Superman.  I tried to take a photo of myself with the glasses on - and my face does change a bit ... but not a whole lot.

The DC Comics store at the Pavilion is really fun to be in.  Their merchandise may be on the expensive side - but if you are looking for good quality merchandise - I suggest taking a peep into the store.

Teacher's Camp Photos

The doggies are enjoying every bit of time that I have stayed home with them.  Apparently - they just sleep all day.  I've always thought I miss out on a lot of things when I'm away at work.   They seem to like just being really close to me.

I pump up the excitement a bit when I take one of them for a walk.  Char Siew and Midori I took to Teacher's camp.  Brita and I went to Camp John Hay ( I will post pictures from that - another time ).

Char Siew is really all grown up.  Look at that.  He looks like a Lion.   A female Lion because he doesn't have the flowing mane the male Lions have ( don't tell him I said he's a female Lion - he will be too upset with me ).

Pretty Midori - looking far - far - away.  Most probably spotted a rat near the creek.

This is a pine tree.  I've always thought of pine trees as conical shaped --- but apparently there are different varieties and the ones found in Baguio are not the typical ones that you see in Christmas trees.   You can see a man in the foreground and the tree in the background.   I wanted to show how big the tree is. 

I wish somebody restores this place to look a lot better than how it looks like right now.  The cottages are pretty - but run down. 

If you are planning to use one of these cottages to stay in next time you're in Baguio - book early.  I hear they fill up fast.

Flowers in our Garden

Happy New Year to all of you my dear readers.  We in the Philippines had a long break for New Year's.   While on this break - I got to enjoy the garden in our house.  I took photos of some of the flowers that are in bloom.

The Green Lantern T-shirt

When I was young,  I loved watching the Super Friends cartoon series every Saturday.   Now - I know that they're actually called the Justice League ( against the Legion of Doom ).  As a child - I imagined myself as one of the cartoon heroes.  One of my favorite powers is that of the Green Lantern.  Imagine being able to conjure up anything with your ring.  

When the Green Lantern movie came out - I was excited.   Imagine - green lantern played by Ryan Reynolds.  Most people did not like the movie --- I love it.   In this post - I channel Hal Jordan.  

I'm trying to channel - the look of a pilot in this photo.  Brown fleather (fake leather) jacket from Zara.  Boots from Caterpillar.  I think Ray Bans - are more appropriate - but the only pair I have is pink.  Not sure Hal Jordan fans will approve.  Will they approve of the aviator styled glasses from Burberry?

More laid back look - this time with the pink aviator glasses from Rayban.

I used Mobile Monet in converting my photo into comic book look.

For more information on DC Comics super heroes store - visit their website on