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Brita at Camp John Hay

Brita the German Shorthaired Pointer is a rare breed in this part of the world.  This is why people sometimes get confused when they see her.  They are wondering if she's a mix of lab and dalmatian.  Or maybe - she's a mini greyhound.  Whatever they think of her breed - everyone thinks she's a beautiful dog.

Last Christmas - since I had long breaks from work - I was able to take the dogs to outings around Baguio.  Brita and I typically go to the Teacher's Camp - but I thought I'd give her a treat and take her to the Starbucks at Camp John Hay.  She was very excited - but I realized that she has a little bit of separation anxiety.  I left her for a bit at the shed near the store - as I grabbed my drink and she kept barking.  Being a hound - she can be loud.

Brita is the biggest of my dogs.   It's not easy to control her - especially since she has not been through the same training as Midori and Char Siew.  She likes jumping on me - and admittedly - I like it when she does that - but not when I am in my work clothes and she has dirty paws from being outside the garden.


I like this next photo - it shows you how big she is.  When she wants to lick my face she will use my chest or my arms as leverage so she can jump up and reach it.  It's an adorable gesture - but others who see it think that she's going to attack me.

Here's her photo at the shed.  It's where some of the Starbucks folks take a break - and when I left Brita with him - I just reminded him not to touch her.  It seems like they're ok ignoring each other.

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