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My Flash Jacket

Orange.  I love orange.  I love the bright color and I know that it does wonders to my complexion when I wear it.  This is why among all of the jackets in the DC Comics shop - I chose to buy the Flash' jacket.

This year - because of the arctic vortex - we are experiencing colder than usual temperature here in Baguio.  Our low last night was 9 deg. C.  In my house - according to the thermometer it was 11 deg. C.  Typically our low is 14 deg.  So - we really feel the difference.  I've even worn a sweater in bed - and I had to double my blanket.

So this jacket is perfect for this weather.  It's really warm.  It's thicker than my other jackets.

BTW - let me just tell you that I'm not a big fan of the Flash.  I don't hate him --- but I don't really know much about him.  All I know is that he's part of the Justice League --- but other than that --- I never read any of his comic books.  I remember there was a short lived TV show in the past - but I didn't watch it.

Speaking of flash --- I ask you my dear readers,  if you had super power speed - what will you do with it?   Me?  I'll most probably use it to see the world.   Imagine getting to different places without boarding an airplane or a ship or a train or a car.  The first country I will visit?  I think it will be Greece.   I want to see the city of Athens.

I still have one more post on the goodies I got from the DC Comics shop from the Pavilion mall in KL --- I'm saving the best for last.


  1. Hi! I love the Flash and been looking for similar jacket! Too bad I dont have a DC store near me :(

    1. Hi Tyrone. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. They have an online store - but unfortunately - the only flash jacket I saw is a hoodie. If you want you can check it out on this link: