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Teacher's Camp Photos

The doggies are enjoying every bit of time that I have stayed home with them.  Apparently - they just sleep all day.  I've always thought I miss out on a lot of things when I'm away at work.   They seem to like just being really close to me.

I pump up the excitement a bit when I take one of them for a walk.  Char Siew and Midori I took to Teacher's camp.  Brita and I went to Camp John Hay ( I will post pictures from that - another time ).

Char Siew is really all grown up.  Look at that.  He looks like a Lion.   A female Lion because he doesn't have the flowing mane the male Lions have ( don't tell him I said he's a female Lion - he will be too upset with me ).

Pretty Midori - looking far - far - away.  Most probably spotted a rat near the creek.

This is a pine tree.  I've always thought of pine trees as conical shaped --- but apparently there are different varieties and the ones found in Baguio are not the typical ones that you see in Christmas trees.   You can see a man in the foreground and the tree in the background.   I wanted to show how big the tree is. 

I wish somebody restores this place to look a lot better than how it looks like right now.  The cottages are pretty - but run down. 

If you are planning to use one of these cottages to stay in next time you're in Baguio - book early.  I hear they fill up fast.

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