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The Green Lantern T-shirt

When I was young,  I loved watching the Super Friends cartoon series every Saturday.   Now - I know that they're actually called the Justice League ( against the Legion of Doom ).  As a child - I imagined myself as one of the cartoon heroes.  One of my favorite powers is that of the Green Lantern.  Imagine being able to conjure up anything with your ring.  

When the Green Lantern movie came out - I was excited.   Imagine - green lantern played by Ryan Reynolds.  Most people did not like the movie --- I love it.   In this post - I channel Hal Jordan.  

I'm trying to channel - the look of a pilot in this photo.  Brown fleather (fake leather) jacket from Zara.  Boots from Caterpillar.  I think Ray Bans - are more appropriate - but the only pair I have is pink.  Not sure Hal Jordan fans will approve.  Will they approve of the aviator styled glasses from Burberry?

More laid back look - this time with the pink aviator glasses from Rayban.

I used Mobile Monet in converting my photo into comic book look.

For more information on DC Comics super heroes store - visit their website on  

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