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Brogues from Reed's Bootery

I love shoes.  I'm not an Imelda Marcos - but I own a dozen pairs.  Some of my selections actually attract stares - especially in the office - because they're not what most guys would choose to wear.

Most of the time - the shoes shops that I go to have the right design that will make me go "Oooh!"  However,  I really wish that there are more snazzy options.  I wished so many times in the past - that I can find a shop which can make shoes according to my specifications.   

That wish has been granted by my fairy godmother - and she showed me the way to Reed's Bootery at the Abanao Square in Baguio.  Reed makes shoes according to your specs.  He has a variety of design to choose from - and you can pretty much request for the type of leather that suits your budget and taste.  I've had a pair of periwinkle boots made last year.  This time - I thought - I'd go for a little bit more classic design.  I want black and white brogues.  

The brogues you will find in shops today have a more rounded end.  I want mine to be a little more elongated at the tip.  This is the fun part --- making Reed and his staff understand what I want.  It can be a hit or miss of course --- but who cares?  Designing your own shoes makes them unique.

I told Reed that I will actually want croc/alligator boots in the future. They can be a bit pricey --- still way below the price of what the stores will charge for croc boots - but still over 100,000 pesos a pair.

When I wear these new babies - I feel like I'm Fred Astaire --- and although I won't have these get wet --- I want to just be;t out: "Singing in the Rain".

If y'all are interested in buying your own pair of custom-made shoes --- visit the Reed's Bootery at Abanao Square in Baguio.  They will take your sizes and specs --- and have it delivered anywhere via courier.

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  1. I've had a pair of ankle boots made by the same years ago and yes they were able to sort of replicate an old pair of favorite boots of mine the similarity ended there. The boots looked great but the fitting was a big disappointment. First time I had them on I walked up to session road and by the time I got to the bus terminal my toes were hurting so bad I had to find a nearby pharmacy for band aids. The soles felt hard and thin and not padded enough even with socks on. Money wasted!