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Midori Beagle, Happy Gotcha

Six years ago - for my birthday - I asked one of the queens to give me a puppy.  I sorta have a puppy back then - Macchiato - but he lives with in Marikina.  I wanted my own furry companion.  So - we all went looking for a beagle (a breed that I've always liked because of Snoopy).

Midori was a noisy beagle - which I knew could be a problem because we lived in a condominium.  But I guess - like with our relationships with potential human partners - we also act out irrationally with our animal partners.  So even if she was the noisiest of the bunch - but because she was pretty - I brought her home that day. 

Today - Midori is the real queen of our household.  She is the most demanding of my three dogs.  My Shar Pei, Char Siew,  actually developed this notion that he has to protect her.  This is why he doesn't let other dogs near us when we're out walking at the park.  The newest member of the pack, Brita the German Shorthaired Dog, follows Midori's every move.  Even if Brita is the taller dog - you would actually see her acting like Midori is the big sister.

My life changed - since that day that I got Midori.  Although it may actually be a cliche - I can attest to its truth - Dogs are indeed Man's best friend.  As she and I grow older together - the bond goes deeper.

Happy gotcha day my buddy Midori.  Here's to many more years of driving each other crazy.

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