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Each Furbaby is Unique

I am writing this on Mother's day - a Hallmark holiday that we never really celebrated in our family.  Apart from Birthdays, Christmas, Death Anniversaries, and Wedding anniversaries - we never really got into celebrating Father's and Mother's days.  We tried - but we felt it was Baduy when we did it so we just stopped.

My dad had been busy fixing up the new house that we are moving to.  He and Joel ( our dogs' nanny and all around guy in the house ) - they have been in the new house that we are transferring to for the past couple of days.  That leaves me with my fur babies: Midori, Char Siew and Brita.  They sleep most of the day - except for those moments when I open the door to let them take care of business.  It can be boring - and I've been thinking of something that will keep us occupied.   Then I had a brilliant idea --- why don't I have pictures taken with the puppies in our garden?   It would be a great token/remembrance for this house.

These are my favorite photos for this shoot   They actually show their different personalities.  I enjoyed the shoot but it can be frustrating sometimes because the dogs are not fully trained.   They don't always follow what I tell them to do.

Midori is my first born (or panganay in Filipino).  Cersei Lannister said that you never really love anything in this world more than how you love your first born.  Do I agree with this?  Secret :-) I am actually the first born child in our family.  I don't think I get preferential treatment from my parents but I agree that being the first born child has its privileges.  For example - I get to boss around my siblings when we were younger but other than that - I can't really say that I'm my mom or my dad's favorite child.   As for Cersei - we all know she's a crazy lady --- so I won't really pay too much attention to what she says.

Char Siew - my Ășnico hijo.  He is the middle and the only boy so he seems to have the issues of a middle child and the only boy.  I think he has always felt that adding Brita into the pack was a waste because - he should have been the youngest fur baby.  Now - apart from not being the youngest - he has to assert his masculinity and position in the pack by being the discipliner to Brita.  Oh - I wanted to take his photo in the garden but he has issues with wet grass.  He doesn't like getting his paws wet.  Blame it on his heritage - Shar Pei - are royalty's pets.  So it must be inculcated in their brain that they must always walk on the red carpet.

Brita is the youngest in the pack.  Everyone thinks she's the pretty one.  I must admit - she is beautiful.  If I had any chance of taking anyone of my babies to beauty pageants - Brita will be that dog.  She has a fighting chance to win it and bring home ribbons.  Apart from being pretty - she is also the healthiest in the pack.  Well - physically healthy.  Mentally?  Not sure - she has so many issues - we call her the crazy one. Being the youngest,  she gets bullied constantly by the other two dogs.  Midori and Char Siew asserts their position in the pack.  So Brita is in the bottom of the totem pole.  It's funny to see her as the tallest in the pack - but she follows all the commands of Midori and Char Siew. 

I don't really have any favorite fur baby.  I try to give them the kind of affection that I think they deserve.  Their different personalities really help in addressing my needs as their parent.  Yes - parents have needs too.  Sometimes I like cuddling - which Midori doesn't mind doing.   Char Siew gives me the attention that an intelligent dog gives to his human.  So being with him makes me proud of myself.  He makes me feel like I'm a good leader.  Brita?  Well --- I will show you in the next photo.  She is the crazy one --- so I get crazy with her - which I sometimes (very often) need to be.

My Big Girl is Easily Spooked

Brita, my German Shorthaired Pointer is easily spooked.  Things that frighten her (not an exhaustive list) - fireworks, thunder, any loud noise, her nanny yelling, a human wearing a hat, a human wearing a hoodie, when I wear formal clothes (tuxedo, suit), my camera, and the list just goes on.

We actually have many different theories on why she reacts negatively towards these things.  One theory is that she actually witnessed a burglary in her previous home that scarred her for life.  I have my own theory - I think that she is a distant relative of Scooby Doo.   I know - Scooby Doo is not a pointer (I think he's a greyhound).  But both of them are big dogs - and both of them get scared of every little thing.

Seriously speaking - I actually want to address her anxiety over these things.  I made her wear the Thundershirt - for loud noises.  It seems like that doesn't work well for her.  It works wonders with my beagle, Midori but not for Brita.   When there is a thunderstorm she hides under the couch - or behind the drapes.

I am still trying to figure out how to calm her down.  Maybe it's age?  I know that Midori had many issues when she was a puppy - but she just outgrew them eventually.

Do any of your furbabies have issues that you wish you can help with but can't?   Did you get to a happy ending eventually?