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San Juan Surf Resort

When I moved to Baguio,  some of my colleagues talked about one of their hobbies - surfing.   They said that they picked it up since the San Juan Surf school is just an hour away from Baguio.  On weekends - they can drive down to La Union in the morning --- and by lunch time - they start driving home.  That sounded interesting - and I've been fixing to check it out but never really did.  Finally this year,  my best friend, dad, the dogs and I were able to check it out.

Yey!  Stand up like a boss.

Easy to find - google maps is spot on the location of the resort.  Urbiztondo

San Juan is now known in the Philippines ( and internationally ) as a surf spot.  Going there in May is good for beginners like me --- but it's not that exciting for actual surfers.   The waves that we caught were mostly less than two feet ( if at all ).   The best time to visit for good sizable waves is in July - onwards - although that can really be a challenge because that's also our monsoon season.  But hey - why worry about having the rain soak you when you're already swimming right?

The local kids

I call her the little mermaid.  She's sad that she has a fish tail instead of human legs.

Surfing - like any new skill - is easy for me to learn.  On my third attempt - I was able to get up.  Some people go through a whole hour lesson and not succeed in getting up.   Thing is - I wasn't very graceful and when I finally learned the skill - I started thinking about what I'm doing.  That doesn't help me any - I realized that my instincts are much better than my cognitive ideas when it comes to learning new things.   So after that successful attempt - I fell many times --- but in the end before my one hour lesson ended - I was able to get up and do it with grace.

I met a celebrity - River the Lab Ret"River".  He surfs like the humans.

I asked for another photo with him he said yes - as long as he still gets to look out to the sea.

The surf resort is dog friendly.  The three babies don't like the beach though.  Plus - I need to make them wear shoes next time because the sand is really hot.   Char Siew does not like wearing shoes.  So this is not his favorite place - shoes and water does not really give him good feelings.

Not much waves - so most of the time - we were just waiting.

Surfing is not an easy skill to learn. 

All in all - our excursion to the San Juan surf resort was a great experience.   I paid 700 pesos for the lessons and I paid 500 for the surf board.  They also lend you a rash guard.  If you are on an extended trip to Baguio - I recommend checking out La Union - I'm sure you'd find it a refreshing break from the mountain breeze.  I surely did --- but I must say I can only take those extremely high temperature for half a day.  By early afternoon - I was looking forward to going back home.

The resort looks nice.  Next time - I plan to stay overnight.

Had a blast - I want to go back - hopefully won't have to wait for 2 more years.