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Ozark Diner

I discovered a really great diner near our place.  The name of the diner is Ozark Diner - and it's really just within my neighborhood.  It had been raining for the past couple of weeks - and today's the first day that the sun is out --- so I decided to just walk to Ozark.  For the uninitiated - it can be tough - because - it's all uphill from the main road ( Bakakeng ) to the restaurant.  That's actually part of my plan - burn as much calories before my Sunday lunch --- so I don't feel as guilty even it is my cheat day.

Grilled Pork Chop, Biscuit with Gravy, Mac and Cheese

I love Ozark -- I don't hide it from the owners - Kevin and Albert.  Google - Ozark - so you can find out a little bit more information from where Kevin and Albert got its name.  Come back - after reading about it.  Ok?

Open Kitchen - I choose to sit by the bar - so I can see and smell all the other dishes :)

Now that you have googled Ozark - let me ask you - what kind of food do you think they serve?  Correct - Southern food ( not South American --- but Southern --- and no - it's not called SAWDERN --- you must pronounce it as SADHERN --- all together now - SADHERN ).

My Pork Chop being Prepped

The place is busy --- and that's a really good sign for the business because they have not even launched yet.  They are still on SOFT-OPENING mode.  If you're like me --- that would have driven you away like the plague.  I don't like giving an establishment my money - who uses soft opening as an excuse for bad service.   Thing is --- with Ozark - you get really good service (fast and good food).  They're staff are still on training ( kitchen, waiting, and everyone else ) - but you wouldn't notice it because Albert and Kevin makes sure you get the service that you deserve as a paying customer.   

The Sili Labuyo Chocolate Cheesecake - that's Candied Sili on Top

Pulled Pork, With Biscuit and Kale as Side Dishes

I know - I know - you're here to know if you should check out Ozark for the food.  The answer is a resounding yes from this queen.   If you want to eat - comfort food - that most of what the Southern food delivers - then you're in for a treat.

Those are the heavenly biscuits being prepped

Beautiful Biscuits

For me --- what I was really looking forward to is their biscuit - with gravy.  It's one breakfast food that I like eating when I'm in the US.  I have not seen them in the Philippines --- so discovering this in Ozark - makes me beyond happy.   

Ozark Benedict

The other specialty of the restaurant ( I'll talk about the main dishes that I tried - but you need to know this so you can leave room for dessert ).  Their Cheesecakes.  Here you will be able to try Durian Cheesecake, Dark Beer Cheesecake, ginger wasabi Cheesecake,  and others.  But their best seller - is the Siling Labuyo Chocolate Cheesecake - Yummeeeh.

Meat Loaf - with Macaroni and Cheese and Cole Slaw

Now for the mains.  The dishes I tried so far - the Ozark Benedict ( which is their take on the Eggs benedict ),  the Grilled Pork Chop ( this pork chop is juicy and thick - the way the southern folks like it ),  and Good old meat loaf ( this is comfort that really delivers ).  Side dishes that are equally interesting and good ( the ones that I tried so far ): Macaroni and Cheese,  Their Kale with Smoked Pata bits ( this is healthy food -- Kale and fat is a good combination ),  French fries, and of course the biscuits.

Ginger and Wasabi Cheesecake

If you are planning a trip to Baguio anytime soon ---- or if you are from the city of Pines - go ahead and google the place --- you can find them on Google maps.  They are on Bareng Drive --- that's next to the Saint Louis Mary Heights campus.   They don't have signage yet - but look for the red door.   I am sure - you will enjoy it.  They are open 10 am to 10 pm daily.  They can be busy --- so be early ( or late - so you don't hit the lunch crowd ).   Oh - one more thing - they are priced really well.  How do I know they are priced well?  Most of their patrons are local - and in Baguio - we don't pay an arm and a leg for food.  If you are from the lowlands ( ahem - Manila ) - this is one restaurant that hopefully convinces you that you don't have to pay a premium to find good food.

No signage yet - look for the Red Door - Diner below

Look for them in Google Maps.  Street is Bareng Drive

For more information on Ozark - visit their Facebook page at: