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My January 2015 Shopping

I have celebrated the beginning of the year 2015 by checking out the different sales from my favorite stores.  I love the beginning of the year because most of my favorite stores go on sale (trying to get rid of the inventory that wasn't sold during the holiday season).  I am not a shopaholic - far from it.  I am a sensible shopper which is why I feel that waiting at the end of the season is the best time to get some of the basics.

Blue-Green jacket from Zara - on sale for 200 RMB ( or 2,600 Philippine Pesos )

One of the stores that I check out first is Zara.  I'm actually thankful that this time,  I had a business trip to Kuala Lumpur - so I didn't have to battle it out with all the boys of Manila to check out Zara's goods.  I skipped the dress shirts section ( I have one too many of those from online shopping at Express for men ).  I immediately went to the coats and jackets.  Why people in KL will buy coats and jackets I will never understand - the city's temperature - any time of the year is - hot!  But I guess - if they were to travel - they will need jackets ( or like us Pinoys - they can wear them inside their air conditioned offices ).

This is a Faux Leather jacket - colored blue green.  I checked out other colors to describe it - I found Ultramarine, Turquoise.  I'm gay but I've always been deficient in identifying the colors outside of those found in the rainbow.  This jacket has a snug fit - just the way I like it.  My blue leather jacket that I got from Wilson's leather - I think is a bit too big.  So although I like wearing the blue jacket - I think like - most of my shirts - it would have to be altered to fit my new body (the one I got after I lost so much weight last year) .

Blue-Green Faux Leather jacket from Zara - 200 RMB

When I got back to Manila from KL- ( before climbing the mountains to go home to Baguio ),  I checked out my other favorite store - Uniqlo.  There is a Uniqlo store in KL but I found that their price is higher than Manila.  They post the prices of the merchandise in all countries - and after conversion - the Philippines price is lower so I decided till I get back to the Philippines to do my Uniqlo shopping.  Anyways - Uniqlo is fast becoming my go-to store for jeans.  I am now very comfortable in wearing slim-fit jeans - and my Uniqlo size varies from 28 to 30.  I know that it's vanity sizing - but I don't care.  They look great when I wear my favorite shoes ( the blue chucks that I'm wearing in this picture ).

Slim-Fit Black jeans from Uniqlo - 990 Pesos

Before you accuse me for just checking out international chains exclusively - I will have to describe the t-shirt that I'm wearing.  It's from Folded & Hung.  It's a Filipino owned chain.  I buy almost exclusively from them when it comes to polo shirts.  I don't buy regular price.  I wait till they go on sale.  So this shirt that I'm wearing is just 450 pesos ( when they typically go from 750 to even a thousand pesos ).

Shirt from Folded & Hung - 450 Pesos

I actually bought a lot more than these items  and I will try to show the other merchs that I got in another post.  Note that I've also done a little bit of closet cleaning to make space for the new clothes. Some of the t-shirts that I wore with a horrible size of Extra Large - I gave away.  Looking at all of those clothes - I exclaimed - how did I let myself grow that big?!?!?

That's all I have for now.  BTW - I truly apologize for not writing as often as I should.   I will not make an excuse - I had time to write - but I didn't find any inspiration to write.   Although looking at this blog post - it isn't so inspired - but I guess it's a start.  I hope to write a lot more often this year.

I'd like to hear from y'all.  Why don't you share what you've been up to this first month of the year in 2015?  Have you been shopping like me?  What are your best buys?