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Pagudpud and The Bangui Wind Farm

Pagudpud is the northenmost part of the Philippines that I have visited.  I have heard of many stories from people saying that it's beaches are really nice and that it can be called the Boracay of the North. To be honest --- I actually take offense to that title because my opinion is that each of the beaches that we have in the Philippines have their own characteristic.   I understand that Boracay is internationally known - but Boracay and Pagudpud are very different from each other.

Anyways - back to my trip to Pagudpud;  this is still part of the great North Luzon expedition that the queens embarked on last year.  First stop was Laoag and Paoay.  Second stop is Pagudpud.  We stayed at Saud.  I googled what Saud is - trying to figure out why the place is called Saud.  I can't find an answer to that question but I did find out that it's the name of the ruling family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Interesting - you really get to know a lot of facts - when you google.

The resort is nice.  It has that Filipiniana decor that most resorts have when it is still not spoiled by a commercialized tourist industry.   I remember Waling Waling in Boracay - before it became Estacio Uno.  I like the feel of Filipiniana - and I prefer it over the concrete resorts.  It give off that island feel.

The waves were very strong when we visited Pagudpud.   It was actually very noisy --- that at night - the loud crash of the wave sometimes woke me up.  Like most beaches - the best part of staying seaside is that of being able to wake up early to do a sunrise walk or for those who can't wake up early - they can always do the sunset walk.   Pagudpud faces the west - so the sunset scene is more spectacular.

When we left Pagudpud,  we checked off another site from Ilocos Norte:  the Bangui Wind Farm.  The wind farm was the first one installed in the Philippines.   It provides electricity to the town of Bangui.   I can understand why it makes sense to install these wind mills here.  The wind was so strong that there are times I felt that I was going to be blown away ( exaggeration ).

For people who want to visit this place - and are turned off by the long drive from Manila ( or even Baguio ) --- I suggest breaking off the trip midway.  For us - as I described in my earlier blog - we spent a night in Laoag going to Pagudpud.  Coming back we spent a night in Vigan.   It may be a long trip - but I assure you it's worth it.

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