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Ozark Diner

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I discovered a really great diner near our place.  The name of the diner is Ozark Diner - and it's really just within my neighborhood.  It had been raining for the past couple of weeks - and today's the first day that the sun is out --- so I decided to just walk to Ozark.  For the uninitiated - it can be tough - because - it's all uphill from the main road ( Bakakeng ) to the restaurant.  That's actually part of my plan - burn as much calories before my Sunday lunch --- so I don't feel as guilty even it is my cheat day.

Grilled Pork Chop, Biscuit with Gravy, Mac and Cheese

I love Ozark -- I don't hide it from the owners - Kevin and Albert.  Google - Ozark - so you can find out a little bit more information from where Kevin and Albert got its name.  Come back - after reading about it.  Ok?

Open Kitchen - I choose to sit by the bar - so I can see and smell all the other dishes :)

Now that you have googled Ozark - let me ask you - what kind of food do you think they serve?  Correct - Southern food ( not South American --- but Southern --- and no - it's not called SAWDERN --- you must pronounce it as SADHERN --- all together now - SADHERN ).

My Pork Chop being Prepped

The place is busy --- and that's a really good sign for the business because they have not even launched yet.  They are still on SOFT-OPENING mode.  If you're like me --- that would have driven you away like the plague.  I don't like giving an establishment my money - who uses soft opening as an excuse for bad service.   Thing is --- with Ozark - you get really good service (fast and good food).  They're staff are still on training ( kitchen, waiting, and everyone else ) - but you wouldn't notice it because Albert and Kevin makes sure you get the service that you deserve as a paying customer.   

The Sili Labuyo Chocolate Cheesecake - that's Candied Sili on Top

Pulled Pork, With Biscuit and Kale as Side Dishes

I know - I know - you're here to know if you should check out Ozark for the food.  The answer is a resounding yes from this queen.   If you want to eat - comfort food - that most of what the Southern food delivers - then you're in for a treat.

Those are the heavenly biscuits being prepped

Beautiful Biscuits

For me --- what I was really looking forward to is their biscuit - with gravy.  It's one breakfast food that I like eating when I'm in the US.  I have not seen them in the Philippines --- so discovering this in Ozark - makes me beyond happy.   

Ozark Benedict

The other specialty of the restaurant ( I'll talk about the main dishes that I tried - but you need to know this so you can leave room for dessert ).  Their Cheesecakes.  Here you will be able to try Durian Cheesecake, Dark Beer Cheesecake, ginger wasabi Cheesecake,  and others.  But their best seller - is the Siling Labuyo Chocolate Cheesecake - Yummeeeh.

Meat Loaf - with Macaroni and Cheese and Cole Slaw

Now for the mains.  The dishes I tried so far - the Ozark Benedict ( which is their take on the Eggs benedict ),  the Grilled Pork Chop ( this pork chop is juicy and thick - the way the southern folks like it ),  and Good old meat loaf ( this is comfort that really delivers ).  Side dishes that are equally interesting and good ( the ones that I tried so far ): Macaroni and Cheese,  Their Kale with Smoked Pata bits ( this is healthy food -- Kale and fat is a good combination ),  French fries, and of course the biscuits.

Ginger and Wasabi Cheesecake

If you are planning a trip to Baguio anytime soon ---- or if you are from the city of Pines - go ahead and google the place --- you can find them on Google maps.  They are on Bareng Drive --- that's next to the Saint Louis Mary Heights campus.   They don't have signage yet - but look for the red door.   I am sure - you will enjoy it.  They are open 10 am to 10 pm daily.  They can be busy --- so be early ( or late - so you don't hit the lunch crowd ).   Oh - one more thing - they are priced really well.  How do I know they are priced well?  Most of their patrons are local - and in Baguio - we don't pay an arm and a leg for food.  If you are from the lowlands ( ahem - Manila ) - this is one restaurant that hopefully convinces you that you don't have to pay a premium to find good food.

No signage yet - look for the Red Door - Diner below

Look for them in Google Maps.  Street is Bareng Drive

For more information on Ozark - visit their Facebook page at:

San Juan Surf Resort

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When I moved to Baguio,  some of my colleagues talked about one of their hobbies - surfing.   They said that they picked it up since the San Juan Surf school is just an hour away from Baguio.  On weekends - they can drive down to La Union in the morning --- and by lunch time - they start driving home.  That sounded interesting - and I've been fixing to check it out but never really did.  Finally this year,  my best friend, dad, the dogs and I were able to check it out.

Yey!  Stand up like a boss.

Easy to find - google maps is spot on the location of the resort.  Urbiztondo

San Juan is now known in the Philippines ( and internationally ) as a surf spot.  Going there in May is good for beginners like me --- but it's not that exciting for actual surfers.   The waves that we caught were mostly less than two feet ( if at all ).   The best time to visit for good sizable waves is in July - onwards - although that can really be a challenge because that's also our monsoon season.  But hey - why worry about having the rain soak you when you're already swimming right?

The local kids

I call her the little mermaid.  She's sad that she has a fish tail instead of human legs.

Surfing - like any new skill - is easy for me to learn.  On my third attempt - I was able to get up.  Some people go through a whole hour lesson and not succeed in getting up.   Thing is - I wasn't very graceful and when I finally learned the skill - I started thinking about what I'm doing.  That doesn't help me any - I realized that my instincts are much better than my cognitive ideas when it comes to learning new things.   So after that successful attempt - I fell many times --- but in the end before my one hour lesson ended - I was able to get up and do it with grace.

I met a celebrity - River the Lab Ret"River".  He surfs like the humans.

I asked for another photo with him he said yes - as long as he still gets to look out to the sea.

The surf resort is dog friendly.  The three babies don't like the beach though.  Plus - I need to make them wear shoes next time because the sand is really hot.   Char Siew does not like wearing shoes.  So this is not his favorite place - shoes and water does not really give him good feelings.

Not much waves - so most of the time - we were just waiting.

Surfing is not an easy skill to learn. 

All in all - our excursion to the San Juan surf resort was a great experience.   I paid 700 pesos for the lessons and I paid 500 for the surf board.  They also lend you a rash guard.  If you are on an extended trip to Baguio - I recommend checking out La Union - I'm sure you'd find it a refreshing break from the mountain breeze.  I surely did --- but I must say I can only take those extremely high temperature for half a day.  By early afternoon - I was looking forward to going back home.

The resort looks nice.  Next time - I plan to stay overnight.

Had a blast - I want to go back - hopefully won't have to wait for 2 more years.

Each Furbaby is Unique

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I am writing this on Mother's day - a Hallmark holiday that we never really celebrated in our family.  Apart from Birthdays, Christmas, Death Anniversaries, and Wedding anniversaries - we never really got into celebrating Father's and Mother's days.  We tried - but we felt it was Baduy when we did it so we just stopped.

My dad had been busy fixing up the new house that we are moving to.  He and Joel ( our dogs' nanny and all around guy in the house ) - they have been in the new house that we are transferring to for the past couple of days.  That leaves me with my fur babies: Midori, Char Siew and Brita.  They sleep most of the day - except for those moments when I open the door to let them take care of business.  It can be boring - and I've been thinking of something that will keep us occupied.   Then I had a brilliant idea --- why don't I have pictures taken with the puppies in our garden?   It would be a great token/remembrance for this house.

These are my favorite photos for this shoot   They actually show their different personalities.  I enjoyed the shoot but it can be frustrating sometimes because the dogs are not fully trained.   They don't always follow what I tell them to do.

Midori is my first born (or panganay in Filipino).  Cersei Lannister said that you never really love anything in this world more than how you love your first born.  Do I agree with this?  Secret :-) I am actually the first born child in our family.  I don't think I get preferential treatment from my parents but I agree that being the first born child has its privileges.  For example - I get to boss around my siblings when we were younger but other than that - I can't really say that I'm my mom or my dad's favorite child.   As for Cersei - we all know she's a crazy lady --- so I won't really pay too much attention to what she says.

Char Siew - my Ășnico hijo.  He is the middle and the only boy so he seems to have the issues of a middle child and the only boy.  I think he has always felt that adding Brita into the pack was a waste because - he should have been the youngest fur baby.  Now - apart from not being the youngest - he has to assert his masculinity and position in the pack by being the discipliner to Brita.  Oh - I wanted to take his photo in the garden but he has issues with wet grass.  He doesn't like getting his paws wet.  Blame it on his heritage - Shar Pei - are royalty's pets.  So it must be inculcated in their brain that they must always walk on the red carpet.

Brita is the youngest in the pack.  Everyone thinks she's the pretty one.  I must admit - she is beautiful.  If I had any chance of taking anyone of my babies to beauty pageants - Brita will be that dog.  She has a fighting chance to win it and bring home ribbons.  Apart from being pretty - she is also the healthiest in the pack.  Well - physically healthy.  Mentally?  Not sure - she has so many issues - we call her the crazy one. Being the youngest,  she gets bullied constantly by the other two dogs.  Midori and Char Siew asserts their position in the pack.  So Brita is in the bottom of the totem pole.  It's funny to see her as the tallest in the pack - but she follows all the commands of Midori and Char Siew. 

I don't really have any favorite fur baby.  I try to give them the kind of affection that I think they deserve.  Their different personalities really help in addressing my needs as their parent.  Yes - parents have needs too.  Sometimes I like cuddling - which Midori doesn't mind doing.   Char Siew gives me the attention that an intelligent dog gives to his human.  So being with him makes me proud of myself.  He makes me feel like I'm a good leader.  Brita?  Well --- I will show you in the next photo.  She is the crazy one --- so I get crazy with her - which I sometimes (very often) need to be.