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Dining at Cav Wine Shop and Cafe

SignageCav is not a new establishment.  It has been there since the Bonifacio High Street has opened.   A lot of wine enthusiasts welcomed the concept.  With a swipe of a card, you can choose from a wide array of wine selection.  Note that I intentionally didn’t call out the patrons as Sommeliers.  In my opinion, the Sommeliers do not approve of serving wine as such.

Last week, I chose to check Cav out after waiting for almost a couple of years.  I just quit smoking and as I have expressed in my tweet – the best way to celebrate the success of overcoming an addiction is to binge on another one.  So I asked Regina to come with me in my drinking binge since I need someone to drive.   Yes – as much as I like drinking – I’m responsible and I refuse to be a drunk driver.

We dressed up for the event – not formally – but pretty enough for the chance to dispense wine like it’s water.  The problem is that I actually just woke up and realized that it would not be wise to get drunk without having dinner first.  This is why we decided not to go binge drinking at Cav – but to actually have dinner at the place.

SmokingArea WineDispenser

Let me tell you – I am happy that I was hungry – because the dining at Cav is a marvelous experience.  The ambience, the food, the service, and of course – the wine pairing is magnificent.   We ended up spending approximately 70 USD for the meal and wine.  That’s a very good price for an exceptional experience.

Like most dining experiences that are unforgettable – I’ve written about this in multiple installments.  Drop by again for a more detailed view of the food, the dessert and the wine at Cav.

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