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Back Home From Coron Adventure


Coron is a town in the Island of Busuanga.  It is also the name of an Island close to Busuanga known for its awesome sights.  Like many tourist destinations, the introduction of budget airlines has increased interest in traveling to places like Coron.  I am actually amazed that within an hour flight,  one can escape the hectic life of Manila and reach paradise.

P5160050[1] DSC04267[1]

I just got back from a five day vacation spent in Coron.  We have booked the flight back in November when Cebu Pacific had a fare sale.  Including taxes, I paid 2,000 Pesos for my tickets ( That’s 40 USD ).  For our accommodations, we found and ad for a new hotel called Coron Gateway Hotel.  This also turned out to be a bargain – a five day four night stay which included tours – cost me 11,000 pesos ( 245 USD ).

P5150040[1] P5150038[1]

The five days of vacation was different from what we usually do.  This trip demanded a great deal of physical activities.  Island hopping around the island of Coron brought us to great snorkeling, swimming and hiking sights.  One moment we will be swimming with the fishes and the next we are on top of the limestone cliffs.

P5180119[1] P5180105[1]

For me though, the most unforgettable experience is our visit to the Calauit conservation park.  The close encounter with the Giraffe, Zebras, Elans, and the other animals left a great impression.  The warm fuzzy feelings brought about by interacting with these animals nudged my intention to live a Green life to be a bit stronger.


Now I’m back in Manila.  This is a place that has a stark difference from where I came from.  Back to the daily grind but the break from the island paradise of Coron definitely brought some spiritual high.


  1. Hi Lord, I enjoyed this post of yours. Did you take these photos? All of it? And is that you walking without a kit on? :p

    I can't wait to go to Coron and meet the lovely giraffe's you met there.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Hi Kim.

    Yey! I have one follower in the Blog. Thank you.

    I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the post (and hopefully all the other Coron-related posts). You should definitely plan a trip to Coron soon. Do it while it's not as congested as Boracay. Do it to give support to the Giraffe and Zebras in Calauit.

    Yes - that's me without the kit :D. And all of these photos were taken by me using the Olympus Tough 8010.

    I have more pictures of animals in the next post. Stop by again.

    Lord (HOQ)