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Must Go Back to Japan to See More of Kyoto

Our trip to Japan starts with Kyoto.  Kyoto is actually part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolis and is accessible through the Kansai airport which is our port of entry to the Land of the Rising Sun.  The House of Queens decided to spend our first day in Kyoto before heading out to Tokyo and spend some time again in the city before we head back home.

Kyoto is an interesting city since it used to be the capital of Japan and during World War 2 – it was spared from destruction.  This means that there are a lot of temples and structures in the city that can’t be found in the other big cities of Japan.

Our visit to Japan was in the summer and therefore – the trees and plants are all green.  There are some flowers in bloom but we were told that the best time to be in Kyoto is spring – during the Cherry Blossoms season ( Sakura in japanese ) or during fall ( when the leaves turn ).  However, even with the summer, the city is beautiful, charming and interesting.


The Golden Pagoda

A Chinese Restaurant found in Gion.

Bicycles are part of the regular transportation in the city

A couple of SMART cars spotted in the City.   Ideal for a city this size.

The city is not as congested as Tokyo. 

Thus – you can find houses with a Garage.

Steak Houses and tea Houses can be found in districts like Gion

The Gion Corner where tourists can watch Maikos perform

The Yasaka Shrine at Sunset

The Gion Tower.  The tower is found close to the Kyoto Station.


The Bullet Train which links Kyoto to other cities like Osaka and Tokyo


The Okiyas and Tea Houses at Gion

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