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My iPod Touch 4.0

A day after Steve Jobs announced the new generation of iPod Touch, I ordered it from the Apple Store.  This is the second time that I was ordering from the store and the first transaction (Airport Express) was so smooth that I just knew that from now on – I’d be ordering Apple products online.

The original delivery estimate for the iPod Touch is October 14 – so I was pleasantly surprised when I got an e-mail from the Apple store last weekend that I’d be receiving the package this week.  I monitored the Shipment tracking number and noted that my iPod Touch 4.0 is coming straight from China.

Today – the package has arrived.  I excitedly opened it and it seems like Char Siew was as excited as I am as he joined me in opening the box.

First impressions of the product – it looks like my iPod Touch 2G – a little bit thinner. It has a front and rear camera.  Everyone was raving about how thin this new iPod Touch is – but it really isn’t that much thinner.  I actually wish they retained the old size so I can reuse my old case.

Left – 4th Generation; Right – 2nd Generation

Left – 4th Generation; Right - 2nd Generation

Left – 4th Generation; Right – 2nd Generation

I am also trying to see if the Retina display that comes with the iPod Touch is so much different from the 2nd Gen.  Maybe it’s my poor vision – but I don’t see much difference.

BTW – this is a little bit cheeky – but I named it Titanic – after a Tweet joke I read.  You know – the one about naming their iPod Titanic so that when they plug it into iTunes – they can see Titanic is syncing.  Bad Joke – but I’m running out of names for my iPod and iPad ( I have one iPod classic, iPod Touch Gen 2, iPad, and this one iPod Touch Gen 4 ).

Titanic is Syncing

I have yet to play with it – as soon as I do that – I’d post another entry of what I think.

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