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Relish – A New Neighbor

Three weeks ago, a new neighbor moved in.  It’s a restaurant which is located across from where Seattle’s Best Valero is.  I am not sure if this is the third restaurant which took over that space in the last three years – but judging from our experience in that restaurant for Dinner last night – I think this may actually stay a lot longer than it’s predecessors.

The name of the restaurant is Relish.  We decided to try it out since the House of Queens has a guest from Singapore and we thought that it’s best to stay really close to the house so we can get back to the house as quickly as possible to catch up with each others’ lives.  Our Singapore guest – decided to order the house white wine – and I ordered the house red wine.  I had three glasses – which I regret today since it gave me a bad hangover.

For dinner, we ordered the Spinach Artichoke dip, the spring salad, and the pork belly barbecue.  All of the dishes were cooked really well.  I would dare say that this is the best spinach artichoke dip in town.

So if you find yourself in the Salcedo Village area – especially if you work or live in the area – I totally recommend trying out Relish.  It’s on Valero st – right across from where Seattle’s Best is located.

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  2. Gabriel. Thanks for reading this entry and posting a link to your site. It seems like we both agree that Relish is a great place for dining. I really hope it stays because we can never have enough of good restaurants in Salcedo Village.

  3. OMG! i tought im the only one who loves this place not only by the interior but with their great food i heard rumors that its just a newly opened resto but the service and the food its like they have been there for a long time .how i wish they have other branches like Relish@QC, Relish@Alabang or even Relish@Florida hehehehe =) anyway i would love to meet the chefs behind the food, i will congratulate those people for a job well done! hope to see more of your specials! because i already eaten almost all of your food in the menu and i agree that the Artichoke is the best and gourmet cheese spread, wild mushroom dip and smoked salmon dip. i will try the Hummus next time! Good luck to Relish and congratulations!

  4. Gwain. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. My post on Relish seems to be my most visited post so far. That only means that a lot of people have heard of the place and a lot of them like the restaurant. I actually have a friend who while visiting Manila from Singapore had dinner at Relish three nights in a row.

    The next time you visit the restaurant and one of the owners approach you - ask for the chef.

    I'm sure they'll say hello and they will appreciate your kind words.
    I live in Makati - very very close to where Relish is at --- so as much as I agree they should expand - personally - I like them where they are at right now.

    Hope you visit again.

  5. I couldn't agree more. I live in Makati and knowing that a place like Relish can be so close for comfort is a treat! When I first tried eating at relish last month I couldn't believe that food can be served so fast and yet taste so good. I especially love the Chef Rodel's Salad... To Chef Rodel, cheers for coming up with such a great recipe for a salad! I am sure people who are not fun in eating veggies would love Chef Rodels salad. Hats off to the Chef!!! I also enjoyed their garlic mashed potato oh wow how it melts in your mouth. They also have different kinds of mashed potato and they all have distinct tastes. Relish is a place where one can just seat and enjoy your food and a conversation with a friend. Thank you for posting this!!!

  6. I lived in Makati for quite some time now and knowing that there is a place where you are not only paying for the ambiance of the place but particularly great food is great. Places along Makati have been so commercialized that when you get to taste the foods that Relish@Ponte serve you would not want to eat anywhere but here. I so agree that they should expand. I had a friend who is from Cebu and he said Relish would fit perfectly there since Cebuanos' are fond of eating and love this fusion kind of food. I especially love the salad.. the Chef Rodel's Salad. The first time I was there I split the salad with a co-worker and the next time I came back I had to order one full serving on my own! :) It is that good! I also tried their mashed potato.. OMG it melts in your mouth and i couldnt ask for more... Congratulations Relish.. and to the Chef's hats off to you for preparing such wonderful dishes!

  7. Lyneth and Abbey,

    Thank you for visiting the House of Queens. I will have to thank Relish for bringing in traffic to this blog. This is the most visited post since I started the Blog.

    I had dinner at Relish last Saturday. I ordered the roasted chicken and instead of ordering rice - I got mashed potato. It is sooo good.

    Owners said they are actually thinking of having the restaurant open on Sundays. The residents of Salcedo Village seem to be looking for a good dining place on Sundays. I know I am - and not having to go to Greenbelt or the Fort will be a treat.

    Again - thank you for visiting - and I hope it's not the last time you visit the blog.

    - THOQ