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Arroz Caldo

Literally translated – this actually means hot rice.   Of course – the more accurate translation is rice soup.  For us Filipinos,  we distinguish Arroz Caldo ( rice porridge with Chicken ), goto ( rice porridge with cow intestines ), the common man’s lugaw ( rice porridge – plain ), and congee ( the Chinese rice porridge ).

For me – I like lugaw and Arroz Caldo.  While I was in bed with a temperature of 39 degree Celsius,  I craved for lugaw.  I asked one of the queens to run to the nearest KFC and get Arroz Caldo.  Yes – in the Philippines, KFC serves Arroz Caldo.  Makes sense because it’s a chicken dish.

The Arroz Caldo was great – but I couldn’t tell because for the past three days, everything tasted like cardboard. 


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