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Char Siew the Foo Dog

Chinese New Year is coming.  This year, it's at February 2.  Soon after that is February 14.  For most of us - we will recognize this as Valentine's day.  For the House of Queens - it is Char Siew's first birthday. Char Siew is our male Chinese Shar Pei.  Incidentally - in the previous year, Chinese New year was celebrated on February 14.  Thus - it seems to be apt to have given Char Siew a Chinese name.

Char Siew - apart from his name and his breed's origin seems to have a close affinity to the Chinese heritage.  I have written about it before, that the Shar Pei is one of those Chinese Breeds which closely resembles the Chinese Foo Dogs - or more accurately - the Chinese Foo Lions.  They  are sculptures of these mythical creatures found in buildings which usually come in pairs.  The Male lion is seen playing with a ball and the Female lion is playing with a cub.  Here are some pictures of the Foo Lion that I have taken around Manila and Hong Kong.  At the very end of this gallery is Char Siew - playing with his favorite toy.  Yes - you guessed it right - he loves playing with balls.

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