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Graduation Video Created using iMovie

This movie trailer was created using iMovie and was shot using my Sony NEX 5.  The Movie Trailer creation is a standard feature of iMovie.  It's awesome!  The application makes it really easy to create short movies that one can share from hours of clips that were taken during an event.   It also allows the movie maker to upload the clip to different sites like Facebook and Youtube.

The event is my Niece's pre-school graduation.  She's a bright kid.  So she ended up becoming the emcee of the event.  She's not a shy kid ( I think she gets that from her mom, and uncles ).  Of course - her Mom, my parents, and her uncles ( including myself ) are very proud of her.

I have actually shared this video on my Facebook page.  Everyone who watched it was amazed with the end product.  I must say that Apple really does a good job of helping us mere mortals in coming up with beautiful creations.  I may not end up with an Oscar statue for creating this Video --- but it really made my family's day when they watched the video. 

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