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Brunch at Masseto

The dinner experience at Masseto was great.  However - it was a business dinner and in between the first course and my main course, I had to step out of the restaurant and take a call.  So when I got back from the call - my dish had to be re-heated.  The dish was good - but I think the re-heating reduced the crispiness of the pork belly.

So I thought it would be good to check the restaurant out again in a much relaxed setting.  Fresh from the great brunch experience from Singapore,  I thought I would check it out again for brunch on Saturdays.

In my previous blog post, I raved about the service personnel of the restaurant.  They were attentive and they know their menu well.  This time however - there were two waiters that seem to be the opening staff.  I think one of them needed some training.  When asked about a detail in the menu - she didn't know and she had to go back to the kitchen to ask the Chef.  Thank God that at middle of our meal - the other waiters came - and they were as good as I remembered them during our dinner.

Dining in Masseto it turns out becomes a magnificent experience when you relax and enjoy your meal as if it was your last.  I think that during brunch - I experienced food Nirvana.  From the starters ( which was Portobello mushroom on top of Filo pastry ) to the main course ( Bacon, and Egg on top of Toasts ) to the dessert ( Masseto Sundae ) - it was as if I was going through a great symphony of flavors.  My taste buds were experiencing orgasm - with every bite.  The scent of the food and drinks ( especially their home made iced tea ) also awakens my olfactory nerves like they have never been before.

So as I went through each dish - and drink - I took time and relished each flavor.   So citizens of Manila - I must proclaim that Masseto is definitely the best restaurant in the city.   You just need to try it to discover what I have experienced.   

For now - I will try to reminisce and recall - the overall experience and hope that I am able to return to food Nirvana.

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