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LCD Hood for the Sony NEX-5

I love taking pictures using my Sony NEX-5.  With this camera,  I was able to improve my skill in taking pictures.  Since it's lighter and slimmer than the regular DSLR,  I am able to take it wherever I go.  The only problem I have with the Sony NEX-5 is the absence of a viewfinder for it.   This is mostly acceptable since I can still frame my shot with the brilliant display of the LCD.  However - I've had great difficulty viewing the image on the LCD under daylight conditions.   I know,  in the first place, shooting in strong daylight is not ideal for shooting pictures.   However, when one is on vacation - you do find yourself in that situation when you just need to take a shot.

I originally looked for the optical viewfinder attachment for the camera.  I couldn't find one even in the Wanchai Digital center in Hong Kong.   So I searched the web and found an alternative product that might actually meet my need. 

The product I found is an LCD hood that attaches to the LCD screen but blocks out the light so you can view the image on the LCD.   Very ingenious and it's cheap too.   The official viewfinder from Sony can set you back by at most 200 USD.   The LCD hood in ebay is just 10 to 12 USD including shipping and customs inspection cost.   So it really is a bargain.

The package arrived today.  It's all that I've hoped for.   I even tried it under strong daylight and my problem has been solved.  I'm a happy camper.

The package arrived after two months.  It wasn't the fault of the seller.  I had to blame the postal system in the Philippines for the delay.  

Char Siew seems to be curious with the package. 

Even Midori wants to know what's inside the package. 

When the hood is closed - it's very slim. 

This is how the hood looks like when the flap is opened.

The hood attached to the NEX-5

The hood also serves as an LCD protector when closed.

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