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XO 46 The New Visayan Room

Filipino food has many different types depending on the region that you live in.  Most famous are the kapampangan cooks ( from Central Luzon ) but all around the archipelago, you can find traditional dishes that are unique to that region.  For example, the lechon in Cebu is different form the lechon in the Tagalog region.  Talk to any Cebuano and they will tell you that their lechon is the best.  You don't even need sauce to eat it.

It is therefore fitting for one of the better Filipino restaurants to open it's adjacent room and focus on Visayan dishes.  I'm talking about XO 46's New Visayan room.  Looking at the menu - not all are from Visayas.  For example - Laing is actually from the Bicol region.  I would have also wanted to see Balamban liempo which you can also find in Cebu.

Even though the menu is not purely Visayan - the overall experience is still wonderful.   Each dish is traditional and yet modern - like it's next door neighbor XO 46 Bistro Filipino.

These are the highlights of our meal.

Complimentary Spicy Kropek

Complimentary Piyaya with Quezo de Bola Spread.  I love this.  Piyaya is not the sweet kind but still tastes good with the spread.

You can opt to dine at the corner setting.

Overall decor is more modern than the adjacent XO 46 Bistro Filipino

The staff will address you as Senorito and Señorita

Filipiniana Theme for the Staff Uniforms

The best drink to go with Filipino Food - Cold Cerveza San Miguel

I didn't care much for the Pancit Molo.  I think it has too much ingredients.  I want my Molo to have a lot of Broth

Their Cebu Lechon with Truffle rice is a great combination.  I already had Cebu Lechon for lunch but I wanted to try their version.  I wasn't disappointed.  Warning to the Cebuanos - this is not your grandmother's lechon.  It is less seasoned than the ones found in Cebu - but still flavorful in my opinion.

Rabo de Toro Hiligayon ( that's Ox tail for you - also on Truffle Rice )

Mango Mabuhay ( or Mango Jubillee ).  It's got cheese cake which makes this more special than the one you usually get from other restaurants 
Seard Queson Puti with Laling Bruschetta - You must try this!

For Dessert - I ordered the Champorado Eh.  Think of your Champorado turned into Biko.  If you are a fan of those two delicacies ( kakanin ) - I strongly suggest you order this for your dessert.

I'm happy to try a new restaurant in our neighborhood.  I was telling one of the queens that they should do a better job of promoting their restaurant.  I think they get a lot of people from the nearby offices - but I think that a lot of Filipinos ( and even their foreigner guests ) will find this restaurant interesting.

For more information on the restaurant - visit their Facebook page.

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  1. I am a fan of both champorado and biko, so I would probably order this. Thanks for sharing this.